Çöpler Sulfite Expansion Project

Once the Çöpler Sulfite Expansion Project has been completed, it shall be made available that 5,000 tonnes of sulphide ore per day is processed by using the POX (pressure oxidation) method in addition to oxide ore which is processed by pile leaching method in the existing facility. It will be completed in total of 4 million people x hours and 2 years project is expected to reach 2,100 people / day. The main productions of the project are; 42 thousand m3 Concrete, 8 thousand tons Steel, 300 thousand dia-inch Steel tubing, 391 thousand mt cabling, 68 Steel Tank Manufacturing with diameters ranging from 2 to 21 mt and Process Equipment Assemblies . In addition to these, a camp site of 2,500 people was built during the project.The construction started on June 7, 2016 and planned to be completed in May 2018, will be a serious contribution to the country's economy and regional employment.

Employer Anagold
Location Erzincan - Türkiye
Start Date 6/7/2016
End Date 4/28/2018
Contract Type Turn Key