Group Companies

One for all, all for the same goal

Çalık Holding moves on by increasing the number of its productive and entrepreneurial activities in all 6 lines of business on which it focuses. The sectors that the Group engages in business activities are as follows:



A leading manufacturer of denim cloth in the world markets…

Çalık Holding, which is the sector leader in textile-its traditional line of business-, is the preferred company in all world markets with the denim cloth it manufactures. The Group is a global player having international competitive power in textile products, ranging from cotton yarns to finished ready-to-wear garments manufactured in the integrated production plants located in Malatya and Turkmenistan. The global textile companies within the structure of the Holding are capable of reaching the world markets in a wide geography.

Çalık’s brand recognition in textile steadily grows both in Turkey and in other regions of the world from the United States to the European Union, from Russia to the Far East, and from North Africa to the Balkans.


A structure that attains sustainability in growth...

Çalık Enerji, which was founded in 1998 within the structure of Çalık Holding, has made a steady progress and become one of the most important performance indicators of Çalık’s vision. Çalık Group continues to engage in international activities in the fields of electricity, petroleum, and natural gas predominantly in Turkey and Turkmenistan. The Group has undertaken the distribution of natural gas in Kayseri province (Kayserigaz) following that in Bursa province (Bursagaz).

Gap İnşaat

Having undertaken also the projects of Trans-Anatolia Petroleum Pipeline and Ceyhan Refinery, Çalık Holding is determined to exist in the field of energy for long years as a leader.

Gap İnşaat

Construction and Investment

Builds the future today with investment power

Within the scope of the activities in the construction sector, Çalık Holding builds turnkey production plants in textile and other industries, houses, hospitals, schools, business centers, public areas, and roads and realizes urban renewal projects. By means of the large-scale industrial projects completed with high performance, the Holding has made a distinguished name for itself in construction-the fastest growing line of business of the Holding- both at national and at international level.

In 2007, GAP İnşaat tendered for Tarlabaşı and Balat Urban Renewal Projects, a first in Turkey, and obtained the contract for the said projects.

The momentum created by the ever accelerating success with international projects carries Çalık Holding to the top of this field. In construction, Çalık Construction Group undertakes large-scale projects both in Turkey and in other geographies such as Central Asia, Arabian Peninsula, and Africa. Gap İnşaat proved its success on the international platform once again by being ranked 163rd in Engineering News Record’s report of Top 225 Global Contractors in 2008.


Çalık difference in investment banking...

Having an innovative and honorable position in the line of investment banking under the leadership of Aktif Bank, Çalık Holding has a steady growth. In addition to basic loan functions, the Bank renders service to customers in foreign trade brokerage, factoring, loan financing, and non-cash loans. The Holding has expanded overseas for the first time in 2006 in the sector by acquiring Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT), one of the most highly respected banks of Albania, with the consortium of Çalık and Şekerbank and took a very important step in both national and international terms.

Gap İnşaat

As of 2008, BTK has been offering service with a total of 62 branches- 10 branches in Kosovo and 52 branches in Albania.

Çalık Holding intends to further increase its activities in finance aimed at adding greater depth to its investment banking operations.

Gap İnşaat


A daring and dynamic Çalık stance shaped by human-focused technology…

Another line of business of Çalık Holding is telecommunications. Çalık Enerji, which gathers all telecommunication projects under the identity of CETEL, pursues the strategy of becoming a strong player owning its own infrastructure in Turkey and in the nearby geography.

At the focal point of this strategy are the objectives of acquiring companies by privatization, installing broadband infrastructures in suitable metropolitan areas, and providing added value services.

The Holding, from this point of view, participated in the privatization tender of Albtelecom, landline operator of Albania, in 2005 and acquired the company in September 2007. Today, the company also owns the third biggest GSM operator of Albania, Eagle Mobile.

The total number of subscribers of both companies, which intend to offer the best quality services with the most affordable prices in telecommunications, is 460.000.


A rising value, a new leader of the Turkish mining sector…

Being a company under the structure of Çalık Holding Group, Lidya Madencilik has been one of the most important mining companies of the Turkish mining sector since its foundation in 2010 with partnerships with international companies, site portfolio and experienced human resource.

Gap İnşaat

Lidya Madencilik has operations in the field of metallic mining in Turkey, from exploring to processing metals like silver, lead, zinc and in particular gold and copper.

In addition to being an investor, Lidya Madencilik conducts exploration operations in different parts of Turkey in cooperation with Polimetal Madencilik, for which Lidya Madencilik acts as an operator. The Company aims at putting the gold and copper sites planned to be found into production in the fastest, least-cost and most efficient manner.