Health Safety Environment

Gap İnşaat, in order to minimize or eliminate probable negative effects on its customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other third parties as well as on environment during its activities, acts in accordance with and undertakes to implement the following principles:

  • Abiding by the HSE Legislation and the HSE Customer Specifications,
  • Evaluating the HSE risks and hazards of our activities and taking necessary measures to minimize or eliminate such HSE risks and hazards,
  • Reporting and investigating the reasons of accidents and incidents,
  • Reviewing and continuously improving the performance of the HSE Management System,
  • Ensuring the participation and leadership of employees in HSE Management System and practices,
  • Reporting HSE Key Performance Indicators to relevant parties,
  • Raising HSE awareness by ensuring efficient communication and implementing training programs and awarding,
  • Impressing the culture of Zero Accident on all employees,
  • Integrating the best practices in HSE into Gap İnşaat’s HSE Management System,
  • Preventing potential negative effects on environment,
  • Minimizing the consumption of natural resources, and
  • Minimizing negative effects on social environment by efficiently communicating local groups.

HSE Objectives

  • Minimizing or eliminating occupational health and safety and environmental risks,
  • Preventing unsafe situations and behaviors,
  • Improving physical and working environment conditions, and
  • Impressing occupational health and safety and environmental consciousness on the entire labor force.

HSE Goals

  • Zero Occupational Accident
  • Zero Accident Resulting in Material Damage
  • Zero Accident Resulting in Damage to Goods
  • Zero Car Accident
  • Zero Environmental Accident