Health, Safety and Environment Policy Declaration


This policy constitutes a framework in order to obtain the best Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance for the employees of GAP INSAAT worldwide.


As one of our core values, we undertake to deliver exceptional performance in protecting our employees and the environment. Keeping our employees and the environment safe is the most important indicator of success. We are trying to be the best in all the works we carry out and the countries we are in.
To further our HSE program, we are committed to:

  • Make sure that nobody entering GAP INSAAT site gets injured and lose their health due to our activities in accordance with our “Zero Accidents” principle and that the environment is protected
  • Ensuring to followed Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental targets in line with the principle of to “Zero Accident”
  • Implementing a highly efficient HSE management system that ensures continuous inspection and improvement
  • To determining and managing the risks and opportunities in the workplace proactively
  • To meet the requirements of the employer in accordance with all health, safety and environment rules and regulations at industrial, local, international and national level
  • Developing a high-awareness safety culture where our employees accept responsibility for themselves and others
  • Preventing pollution, protecting natural resources and improving our environmental sustainability goals
  • Identify and meet ambitious HSE performance goals to promote continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that our employees and stakeholders work together in order to continuously improve HSE performance
  • To be aware of and reward for those who contribute to perfect HSE performance
  • Endeavouring to make GAP INSAAT a preferred supplier globally due it carries out its construction and contracting activities in a safe manner,

The commitment of the leaders, management and employees of GAP INSAAT to this policy is the basis of a safe and environmentally friendly workplace, operational excellence and long-term business success.


Safety and the Environment are key to our core value and success. We want everyone to be on our journey to improve our ”Zero Accident” culture dedicated to health, safety and environmental excellence.
For this purpose, we want:

  • Our leaders, managers and employees to put their commitments in their decisions and practices to ensure that everyone gets back home safely every day.
  • Our employees to adopt occupational health and safety, environmental protection as a core value at the workplace and outside the office.
  • Every employee to be committed to ensure the safety of himself and his colleagues.
  • To include the principles of life protection of GAP INSAAT in our work planning and implementation.
  • To determine and manage the risks and opportunities in the workplace proactively and aggressively.
  • To train and prepare our employees so that they have the knowledge, skills, competence and equipment needed to work safely.
  • If the work activities cannot be carried out safely or if the conditions in the activity are unsafe, that the work is stopped until it is secured.
  • Changes may cause risks and opportunities. By reviewing the results of the changes, we should take action to mitigate negative impacts and/or to evaluate opportunities if necessary.
  • All employees should immediately inform their managers of safety, health and environmental incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions and action under risk and work diligently to solve the problem.

Our HSE expectations will be realized with the leadership shown, compliance with legal and other requirements and participation of GAP INSAAT personnel.


This Policy will be reviewed once a year to ensure that it meets the requirements of GAP INSAAT and made available to everyone.
Best regards,