There is no more important and ugrent work than human's health and safety.

Quality Policy

The policy of GAP INSAAT is to implement a continuous and effective quality approach in all business processes in order to reach strategic goals.

As GAP INSAAT, we undertake to implement the following principles to minimize or eliminate the negative effects on product quality in our works with employers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders,
  • To use the process approach, with the commitment of the company leaders, management and employees to this policy; and to establish the basis of long-term business success in all our processes,
  • Increasing employer satisfaction while meeting their expectations and requirements; ensuring a profitable growth by virtue of applicable services; sustainability,
  • Improving the competitive capacity of the company by developing fiduciary and harmonious cooperations with employers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders,
  • Delivering the appropriate structures, products and services in accordance with the applicable time, cost, work safety, environment and quality requirements,
  • To learn and develop advanced technologies in order to be innovative and pioneer in the sector; to compete with the knowledge and system superiority,
  • To ensure documentation, review, continuous improvement and development based on development and in a way that they meet Quality Management System standard requirements,
  • To ensure that management systems and controls are published and understood by employees,
  • Fulfillment of applicable requirements,
  • Determining and meeting the core values of Quality objectives to encourage continuous improvement,
  • Identifying, assessing and monitoring the risk factors and opportunities that may affect the achievement of the company goals within the scope of Quality Management System corporate risk management approach,
  • To improve the competencies and career development of the employees by means of professional and personal development training programs,
  • To administer and store corporate information, to protect and maintain the corporate culture, to value and protect corporate assets,
This Policy will be reviewed once a year to ensure that it meets the requirements of GAP INSAAT and will be announced at all locations operating on behalf of GAP INSAAT and made available to everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Policy

With the awareness and belief that contributing to the health, safety of our employees and our business, and the sustainability of all elements of the environment we live in is the most important factor that ensures our success through this policy, we commit to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety requirements and to always achieve the best performance of our environmental protection and sustainability efforts.
In this sense it is our duty,
To ensure healthy and safe working conditions so that no employee, visitor or inspector entering the GAP CONSTRUCTION site is injured or their health is damaged,
Each employee carries out their work in order to ensure that everyone gets home safely every day with prioritizing the safety of themselves and their colleagues. All employees work diligently to solve the problem If work activities cannot be carried out safely or conditions and behaviors are unsafe, to suspend the work until it is made safe and to ensure that work is done immediately to make it safe; immediately report safety violations, health threats and environmental incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions and risky behaviors.
To plan and implement GAP CONSTRUCTION's principles of life protection and environmental protection in all our activities during our work,
  • To set Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability targets, to ensure their follow-up and applicability by adhering to the principle of continuous improvement in line with the plans made to achieve these targets,
  • To ensure the elimination and reduction of environmental aspects and OHS hazards by proactively identifying risks and opportunities in the workplace,
  • To properly meet employer requirements, all Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability rules, standards and legal requirements at sectoral, local, international and national levels, and to achieve a world standard within the framework of globally accepted norms,
  • To ensure that GAP CONSTRUCTION is the preferred company all over the world with the standards and quality it achieves in Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability while carrying out its construction and contracting activities,
  • Developing a highly aware corporate culture in which our employees accept the safety of themselves and others, protection of the environment, and sustainable practices as core values in the workplace and outside the workplace, and to be aware of and reward those who contribute to this culture,
  • To support our employees with training and workshops to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, competence and equipment required to work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner,
  • To carry out studies to prevent pollution, sustainable use of natural resources, reduce climate change, protect biodiversity and existing ecosystems in line with sustainable development goals and GAP CONSTRUCTION sustainability goals,
  • Ensuring the participation of our employees and stakeholders in order to continuously improve HSE and Sustainability performance, creating a GAP culture based on the belief that 'the one who does the job knows best' on the path to continuous improvement, and providing upward and downward interactions through our HSE values in our supplier, subcontractor and customer relations,
  • Being aware that changes may cause additional risks and new opportunities, reviewing the results of the changes and making evaluations when necessary to reduce negative impacts and/or evaluate opportunities,
The commitment of GAP CONSTRUCTION's senior management and employees in all locations and positions to this policy forms the basis of the operational excellence and long-term business success of an organization that has a safe working environment for everyone, is sensitive to the existing and created environment, and progresses in line with sustainable development goals.
Prioritizing Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability issues is the key to our success, which develops and improves day by day in the light of GAP CONSTRUCTION's corporate values. In this sense, it is our sincere wish that not only our employees within GAP CONSTRUCTION, but also all our stakeholders, including employers, subcontractors, suppliers, local people, all public and private institutions and organizations, who walk with us in every field while carrying out our projects and activities, will participate and contribute to our journey.
This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it meets GAP CONSTRUCTION's needs and will be made available to everyone.

Yours sincerely,